The Tools

November 19, 2007

Culture Values Comparison Tools

All countries/regions and all five dimensions in a series of comprehensive tools.

View as many or as few dimensions as you like. Order the data by dimensional score, region, population, or country name.





Sort by one of the five dimensions or by population, by region, or by country name (alphabetically). Click a “sort by” link on the home page, or click a “sort by” link below the chart.

Data Display
Choose which dimensions you want displayed by clicking the corresponding checkboxes at the top of the chart.

Also, clicking the dimension text (to the right of the checkboxes) toggles the popup information in the chart.

To zoom in, simply click and drag the area of the graph that you want to focus on. When zoomed, a scroll bar appears at the top of the page to navigate horizontally through the chart. Click “Show All” in the top right corner to return to original view.